Site Update History

12/31/23 - Happy new year! Today I have a pretty large maintenance update for the site. A lot was done, so I'm just going to run over all of it real quick. First off, there's a new Accessibility Settings page with some modes to change the BMF browsing experience in ways that may assist users with visual or motor impairment access the site. Alongside these new settings, I reviewed the code on every single page of the site and fixed any old HTML errors and whatnot, which may not be visible to the average user but would impact screenreaders. Importantly, I've added support for other language games to the Shiny Egg Hue Previewer, so now it can be used for English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish GSC. Additionally, the Generation 1 Shiny Tool's fossil conversion instructions needed a patch specifically for normal types, the Stadium Hue Previewer has a button to reset the hue shift to 0 now instead of requiring manual scrolling, and there are a bunch of other tiny changes in various places too small to mention. Oh, and BMF has an RSS feed now! Your RSS reader should be able to auto-detect the RSS feed on any page of the site, but if not there is a link to the feed on the right sidebar/mobile menu. I wanted to redo the Stat Experience Tracker Tool since it's wildly out of date, but I figured this update has taken long enough and has enough stuff to warrant pushing it a little early. That will be next!

10/9/23 - At long last, my Stadium hue project has been finished! This is a massive update that took months of on and off work. There's four new pages to check out. For an overview of the color changing feature in the Stadium games, check out the Stadium's Color Changing Pokémon page! Want to see how your Pokémon would look hue shifted in Stadium? The Stadium Hue Previewer is there to help. Shiny hunters can get use out of the Shiny Egg Hue Previewer page, too. Oh, and for the first time ever as far as I'm aware, I've created an archive of every single idle animation in Stadium 2 as GIFs which are free for the public to use, over at the Stadium 2 GIF Archive page. Please enjoy! I really need to work on some smaller projects after this...

9/9/23 - Super big update to the Mystery Gift and Decorations page today! Previously, we knew almost nothing about Stadium 2's inner Mystery Gift mechanics, and so BMF's article on the subject left it open-ended, but no longer! The information has been successfully decompiled and datamined for its secrets... With some interesting results. Other than just implementing the new Stadium 2 information, I also added a section on the Trainer House and a gallery of all the decorations in 3D. Oh, and in light of the Stadium 2 stuff, it made more sense to move the calculator that was previously on the Mystery Gift page to its own page, the TID Mystery Gift Calculator. Please enjoy! I'm still working on a very large project behind the scenes but I just had to get this out.

6/21/23 - Massive update today - the biggest tool I've made for the site yet, the GB/C Trading Simulator, has been added! I've been working on it on and off for over a month which is why I've been gone so long. Trade between two save files in-browser and even trade between Japanese/Korean and international copies of RGBY/GSC without corruption issues for the first time! Also, in smaller news I thought I'd mention here that I made a Ko-Fi page if you'd ever like to tip me for my work on this site - but never feel pressured! I work on BMF completely out of love and do not expect anything in return. If you get use or joy out of this site, that's what matters most to me. I have another massive project in the works to do with the hue shifting feature of Stadium and Stadium 2 that may take a while yet, so stay tuned for that. Thanks for your patience!

4/18/23 - In light of Pokémon Stadium coming out on Switch without a complete suite of features, a guide on how to play the original Stadium games as originally intended has been added. If you want to know how to play the Stadium games on original hardware or through emulation, do check it out!

4/10/23 - The domain move from to is finally complete! The site looks nearly identical to how it used to, but its actually been rebuilt from the ground up, more or less. There are still some things leftover to do as time passes, but the site should be a little more accessibility-friendly now and on my end, it is much easier to make new pages. A lot of work went into the move, so it took me a while. Thank you for your patience! If you run into any issues I may have missed admist the move, you can use the new Report Errors page to let me know.

3/7/23 - A massive article on generation 2 Mystery Gift and decorations has been added! I am fairly certain it's the most comprehensive resource on the topic that currently exists. Please enjoy!

2/28/23 - A small update today but an important one! The GSC Save Converter has been updated to include compatibility with Japanese Crystal, which it didn't before, as well as a somewhat common alternative emulator save file size. It should be compatible with any language Gold, Silver, or Crystal saves of any kind now, but please do send in a bug report with the form on the page if you run into any issues!

1/31/23 - Belated happy New Year! You'll see that the front page and sidebars of the site have received a facelift (press CTRL+F5 or clear your browser cache if not) and there is a new theme to pick from, the "Shiny Quag" theme. My contact information has been fleshed out over on the new contact page, where you can also send me an affiliation request if you also run a Pokémon related site. Most importantly, I wrote an article about the history of the GS Ball Celebi event and how to play it yourself in the modern age, so do check it out! Updates to the generation 1 shiny hunting guides probably coming soon, as well as a million other things as usual.

12/14/22 - Happy 1 year anniversary to CPG! I can't believe this site's already been around for a year. Thank you very much for all the love and support in this short-yet-long time. I worked very hard and stayed up very late to get this big update out today on the site's birthday - there is now a guide to shiny hunting in generation 1 (yes, it's possible!) alongside the Generation 1 Shiny Tool to automate a large part of the process for anyone on any device, making generation 1 shiny hunting accessible to more people for the first time that I know of. It's by far the most complicated thing I've ever coded, which isn't saying a ton, but I'm still very proud of it. I don't usually get this personal in update logs, but I'm gushing due to CPG's anniversary. Once again, thank you for checking out my little passion project site, and hopefully by this time next year there's even more things to look through and enjoy!

10/9/22 - Apologies for the lack of updates! On top of my usual illness, I've been working on a very extensive guide for generation 1 shiny hunting that is taking much longer than anticipated due to the complexity of what I need to write and code for it. That'll be coming sometime down the line, but in the meantime, take the Time Changing Passcode Generator and the article I wrote on why I made this website to hold you over!

8/19/22 - Made a save converter for GSC save files to get cartridge and emulator saves working on the Virtual Console on 3DS!

8/17/22 - Wrote an informational article on the basics of shiny hunting as well as an article on DV breeding for shinies! The sidebars also have actual categories now, yay. If tables don't have colors or the sidebars don't have new categories, clear your cache.

7/23/22 - Created the Crystal Sprite GIF Archive - a page hosting every single animated Crystal sprite with a transparent background in GIF format! These sprites can also be used across CPG easily now, woohoo!

7/22/22 - Updated some invisible stuff and more importantly, CPG has a custom domain now! All previous neocities links will redirect to plainly New pages are still being worked on, I just fell ill last month.

6/9/22 - Created the Stat Experience Tracker, a useful calculator when grinding stat experience. I've been picking up new JavaScript skills to make more useful tools around the site, hopefully! Also added the first affiliate (woo!), added CPG's contact email to the front page, and changed the Gold site theme to be less straining on the eyes since it was bothering me haha.

6/2/22 - Added a theme changer! Try deleting your cache if the site isn't loading properly. Feel free to report any bugs!

5/27/22 - Long time no see! My health's tanked in recent months so updates may continue to be sporadic. The hardware guide was updated to add spin-off games, and a page on obtaining the Lucky Egg optimally in generation 2 has been added.

2/3/22 - Updated CSS to be more functional, made a correction to the hardware guide.

12/21/21 - Added extensive information complete with images to the buying advice sections of the games and hardware guide. Still working on the other pages in the guide! Also added a guestbook.

12/17/21 - Wrote an "about me" page, started the games and hardware guide, and fixed up some more backend stuff. Things are coming along...

12/15/21 - First article added! Fixed up some backend stuff too so editing the site in the future should be easier. Also added a method of contact.

12/14/21 - Home page created! Site should be functional on any device of any screen size, but there aren't any articles to look at quite yet. Categories in the menus are placeholders and definitely subject to change.