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Playing the generation 1 and 2 Pokémon games in modern times can be difficult when going past the surface level. Googling various questions about the games often lead to old, disorganized forum threads, FAQ sites, and wiki pages, making researching RBY/GSC and their associated games a game of telephone from two decades ago.

This site serves as a roadmap to get the most enjoyment out of generation 1/2 Pokémon for the passionate player. It isn't just a list of information and stats, but also gives direction on what there even is to do in generations 1 and 2, and why it's worth trying. If you've ever wanted to become more intimate with these classic Pokémon games, this is the place.


CPG has changed names from "Classic Pokémon Guide" to "Blue Moon Falls"! The site should look almost identical to what you remember, and no content has been lost in the move, but please do update your links and bookmarks to the new URL! Such a change should never have to happen again - Blue Moon Falls is here to stay! It may take some time for Google to sort out the change in URL, so if you're coming from a Google search, sorry for the inconvenience!

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A lost media search is ongoing for the flash contents of the Pokémon Dream World! While not related to generations 1 or 2 of Pokémon, I would be remiss to not help out the wider Pokémon community with such an important gaming conservation search. If you like generation 5 of Pokémon and would like to help out, or if you ever played the Pokémon Dream World before its untimely shutdown in 2014, please check out the call for help over at Project Pokémon!

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9/9/23 - Super big update to the Mystery Gift and Decorations page today! Previously, we knew almost nothing about Stadium 2's inner Mystery Gift mechanics, and so BMF's article on the subject left it open-ended, but no longer! The information has been successfully decompiled and datamined for its secrets... With some interesting results. Other than just implementing the new Stadium 2 information, I also added a section on the Trainer House and a gallery of all the decorations in 3D. Oh, and in light of the Stadium 2 stuff, it made more sense to move the calculator that was previously on the Mystery Gift page to its own page, the TID Mystery Gift Calculator. Please enjoy! I'm still working on a very large project behind the scenes but I just had to get this out.

6/21/23 - Massive update today - the biggest tool I've made for the site yet, the GB/C Trading Simulator, has been added! I've been working on it on and off for over a month which is why I've been gone so long. Trade between two save files in-browser and even trade between Japanese/Korean and international copies of RGBY/GSC without corruption issues for the first time! Also, in smaller news I thought I'd mention here that I made a Ko-Fi page if you'd ever like to tip me for my work on this site - but never feel pressured! I work on BMF completely out of love and do not expect anything in return. If you get use or joy out of this site, that's what matters most to me. I have another massive project in the works to do with the hue shifting feature of Stadium and Stadium 2 that may take a while yet, so stay tuned for that. Thanks for your patience!

4/18/23 - In light of Pokémon Stadium coming out on Switch without a complete suite of features, a guide on how to play the original Stadium games as originally intended has been added. If you want to know how to play the Stadium games on original hardware or through emulation, do check it out!

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