Time Changing Passcode Generator

In the US and European versions of Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, it is possible to change the time by inputting a specific button combination on the title screen and then putting in a passcode. However, this passcode is not readily available to the player, and must be calculated from the player's name, money, and trainer ID instead. This calculator will generate the password for you.

Please input your trainer information below. All relevant information can be found on your trainer card. This calculator supports both European and US games. Any special characters in your trainer's name should be replaced with the ones listed below.

Special Character Key: * = × (multiplication symbol), # = PK (first half of the Pokémon symbol), $ = MN (second half of the Pokémon symbol)

Button Combination Guide

Gold/Silver: On the title screen with Ho-oh/Lugia, press DOWN + SELECT + B all at the same time.

Crystal: On the title screen with Suicune, hold down DOWN + SELECT + B together, release DOWN and B but keep holding SELECT, hold LEFT + UP, then let go of SELECT.

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