Stadium Hue Previewer

Confused on what this is for? Check out the Stadium's Color Changing Pokémon page!

Min: -N/A | Max: N/A | Hue Shift: N/A

*Unchecking this will allow for a Pokémon to be hue shifted past the point it's permitted to in-game.

Shiny comparison:

Shiny Abra GIF

Put in your trainer and Pokémon information below to preview what color your Pokémon will be.

Special Character Key: * = ×, # = Pk, $ = Mn

Limitations and oddities

This tool is nearly accurate to the N64's colors, but not exactly. The limitations are as follows:

  • The hue sliding mechanic is custom programmed to be as close to the N64 as possible through the direct editing of HSL values, but still may not be 100% perfect to the exact color code of how they appear in game. The difference is negligible, though!
  • Pokémon with a nickname of their species name in all capital letters (such as a Bulbasaur named "BULBASAUR") is not considered nicknamed by the game, and therefore will not be hue slided. This is not currently reflected in the tool if you try to put in a Pokémon's species name in all caps as the nickname.
  • Pokémon with translucent textures, such as the fire on Moltres' head and the gas surrounding Gastly don't actually hue-shift in game, as they are handled separately from the rest of the Pokémon's textures. This is not reflected in the tool. This may be changed at a later date.
  • Unown does not hue shift or have any shiny color due to the Pokémon being full grayscale. As a result, all of the Unown letters are not included in the tool. If you'd like to see every Unown letter, check out the Stadium 2 GIF Archive.
  • Pokémon traded from in-game NPCs will look different between Stadium 1 and 2 due to Stadium 1 rendering the NPC trainer name in all capital letters, and Stadium 2 only capitalizing the first letter.
  • The animations displayed are specific to Stadium 2 - while most Pokémon go unchanged between the two games, there are a few minor differences not shown here, like Poliwag having a different mouth texture in the first Stadium.

If you run into any issues not listed above, or a bug in the tool, please feel free to report it over on the Report an Error page!


Thank you to the following people and resources for assistance with creating this tool:

  • Fëanen for his research on Stadium 2's hue shifting feature, which was completely invaluable and the basis of this project!
  • A variety of people who helped me with making GIFs of every single idle animation in Stadium 2, the full credits of which can be found on the Stadium 2 GIF Archive page.

Last updated 11/30/23. Added a button to reset the hue shift to 0, and added a couple more notes under the limitations and oddities section.