Generation 1 Shiny Tool

Confused about what this is for? Read the Generation 1 Shiny Hunting guide first!

Select a Pokémon to shiny hunt:
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Rare Candies: N/A

How do I use this tool?

Simply choose the Pokémon you are shiny hunting and the level it gets obtained at and the tool will display a table of possible stats it could have as a shiny. If your Pokémon's summary screen matches any of the displayed stats, click the X button above that spread in the table. A new selection of stat spreads will appear along with what level your Pokémon needs to be next. Level your Pokémon to the specified level with Rare Candies (not battling, that will give you stat experience and ruin the math!) and check for a match. Keep doing this until the word SHINY appears in the bottom right of the tool, in which case the tool is sure your Pokémon is shiny if it has the displayed stats! Sometimes the tool can tell your Pokémon is shiny immediately from the level you obtained it at, in which case no leveling is needed and the "needed level" number will not change. You can press the BACK button at any time to go back to the beginning at your Pokémon's default level.

The option to display a list of ACE (Arbitrary Code Execution) instructions for the Fossil Conversion Glitch will appear below the tool after you select a Pokémon. The instructions will automatically have values specific to your Pokémon of choice plugged in, making them easier to follow and execute. Since the instructions are long, you can hide them again with the click of a button.

All of the glitch Johto Pokémon have their stats from Red/Blue listed even though some of them are different in Yellow. These Pokémon are much harder to obtain in Yellow, and the Fossil Conversion instructions on this page are for Red/Blue only, so this isn't super relevant here. Yellow compatibility may come at a later date for those crazy enough to figure out how to obtain and shiny hunt those within Yellow.

Glossary of terms and values:

  • Internal Decimal ID: Not the Pokédex number, but the ID used internally by the game when fetching Pokémon information. This number is relevant when executing the Fossil Conversion Glitch.
  • Base Stats: The Pokémon's base stat totals in HP/ATK/DEF/SPE/SPC order.
  • Type Decimal: The internal number ID each type in the game is assigned to. This number is relevant when executing the type-changing portion of the Fossil Conversion Glitch for Johto Pokémon.
  • Proteins: How many Proteins are necessary to use on the relevant glitch Pokémon during the Fossil Conversion Glitch setup.
  • Rare Candies: How many Rare Candies are necessary to use on the relevant glitch Pokémon during the Fossil Conversion Glitch setup.
  • Needed Level: What level you must level your Pokémon to before checking if the stats match with any option in the table.
  • Odds of having these stats: What the chances are of your Pokémon's stats matching with the currently displayed stats based on how many other possibilities there are.

Want to use this tool in stream/recording layouts?

You are always free to use this tool in your shiny hunting stream/recording layouts! It would be cool for Blue Moon Falls to be credited somewhere on the stream or video if possible, but definitely not necessary. Please do as you see fit. Thank you for the interest! I'm only including this section because I had been asked about this a couple times. It's very flattering.

Click here for the popout version of this tool, which may be easier to resize and put into stream/recording layouts. The tool will also change colors if you change the site theme at the bottom of the page if you need to match color palettes! If you change the theme while the popout version is open, you may need to refresh the popout window before the color changes are reflected.


Thank you to the following people and resources for assistance with researching this topic and developing this tool:

  • Nautoum for heaps of assistance with research and math-related problems as well as his immense patience
  • Magikarpii for the original idea for a tool of this type with his FGSH Tool
  • Oliver_MKP for bugtesting and moral support

Last updated 11/30/23. Fixed a small bug in the instructions for Fossil Conversion where it erroneously told the user to toss 256 Lemonades to change type to Normal.