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NOTICE - BMF is currently on hiatus, and emails will not be responded to during this time. More information can be found within the Notices section on the front page. Please still feel free to send emails and they'll be reviewed after hiatus!

Hey there! I appreciate you wanting to reach out, but please keep the following in mind before messaging or emailing me:

  • If you need to report a bug for any tool on the site, a typo, or other smaller issues, please use the Report an Error page instead of my email.
  • Please be patient, I am a disabled person and am not always online. If it has been a week and I still have not responded to your message, then you can send another.
  • I would heavily prefer an email in most situations, despite providing socials to contact me. I am not very active on social media, but I check my emails often. If I feel the conversation should be moved to instant messenging, I may offer my Discord. (Please do not email me asking for my Discord for no reason.)

I am willing to take suggestions for the site, answer questions, discuss assisting in Pokémon community related projects, negotiate putting a notice onto BMF's homepage for your Pokémon related projects if they are not monetary and I think they fit the purpose of the site, or just take any comments you'd prefer not to put on the guestbook for whatever reason. I don't bite, I promise!

With all that out of the way, you can contact me at the following:

Thanks for reaching out!

Affiliation Requests

You'd like to affiliate with BMF? Great! If you have a Pokémon related website, I'd love to mutually link to each other. I do have a tiny handful of simple rules for who I agree to affiliate with, however:

  • The content on your site must be PG-13 at most. I am not interested in affiliating with sexually explicit or very adult sites, sorry!
  • As previously mentioned, Pokémon related sites only. It's alright if your site is more on the personal side instead of the informational or otherwise, so long as it is majorly dedicated to Pokémon in some way. Any style of content goes!
  • The site must have something to look at. I'm pretty lenient with amount and quality because I'd like to support up-and-coming indie sites, but maybe wait to send me an affiliation request until you have at least one or two pages to sift through instead of just an "under construction" homepage, and make sure the site is functional!
  • You need a 88 x 31 pixel button for me to use in my affiliation section. If you don't have one, you can make a simple one here with's button maker.
  • Your affiliation section doesn't need to be front and center or anything, but users visiting your site shouldn't have to dig through multiple pages just to find your affiliates.

If your site fulfills the above requirements, feel free to send an affiliation request to my email. Please mention "affiliation" somewhere in the title and include the following information:

Site Name:
Site URL:
88x31 Button:
(Optional) Anything else you'd like me to know:

Once I receive your request, I will take a look at your site and message you back either accepting or denying the request! If I accept, I will add your button to my affiliation section as soon as I can. Please then add my button to your site at your soonest convenience or during your next site update. Thank you!

My button: Blue Moon Falls' site button
(Please do not hotlink, download this image and upload it to your site!)

Last updated 12/31/23. My email has changed from to, so that has been reflected on the page.