Accessibility Settings

Below you can change the accessibility settings for Blue Moon Falls. These changes apply site-wide and are saved to your browser.

Forced mobile layout

The mobile layout for BMF is more screenreader & keyboard navigation friendly as the navigation sidebars aren't placed on two sides. If you are accessing BMF through a screenreader or navigate by keyboard, I highly recommend this setting be toggled on.

Forced mobile layout is currently off.

Visual accessibility modes

Both the light and dark mode below not only change BMF to be high contrast, neutral colors, but also remove the use of fancy fonts for headers and buttons. Images and other graphical content are not affected.

Your current visual accessibility mode is none.

Accessibility considerations on BMF

I want BMF to be as accessible to people as possible. I think it's important even within the indie web space to consider the disabled people who may be browsing one's site. It is not fair to leave my website unable to be read by people with visual impairment, etc.

I have tried to the best of my ability to make BMF able to be navigated completely by keyboard, as well as only uploading pages that have validated HTML and CSS as per the W3C Validation Service, and my own personal knowledge, of course.

I strive to continue to learn better accessibility practices and make my site even more accessible for everyone.

How to provide feedback on accessibility

I am a hobbyist, not a professional, and I am still learning how to make webpages in an accessible way. As a result, some pages or aspects of BMF may not quite be up to standard. If you experience any issues accessing parts of the site or have any feedback for the accessibility of the site, please feel free to select the "Accessibility Feedback" option under the "Type of problem" selector over on the Report an Error page. Thank you very much for letting me know and I'll see what I can do!

Last updated 12/18/23. Page created.