Stadium 2 GIF Archive

Below you will find every idle animation from Pokémon Stadium 2 in GIF format with transparent backgrounds, which can be downloaded for personal usage. These animations belong to Nintendo/Nintendo EAD and I do not own the rights to them, I merely mass converted them into GIFs and labeled them by Pokédex number.

Download any GIFs you want to use on your personal sites and projects and upload them to your own server. BMF is hosted on Neocities which does not allow hotlinking.

All GIFs Downloads

The downloads listed here are all ZIP files. Due to their size, they are hosted through Google Drive instead of BMF itself. You may see the message "(File name/size here) is too large for Google to scan for viruses. Would you still like to download this file?" - this is normal.

Normal Colors - Sorted by Pokédex Number

Shiny Colors - Sorted by Pokédex Number

Individual GIFs

Due to the size of these GIFs, I cannot reasonably include a massive wall of them here, but you can use the provided dropdown or download the ZIP files above to see them at full size. Note that Unown does not have a shiny form in Stadium 2, so its shiny will look identical to its normal version. If you want to see what these animations look like hue-shifted as they do in game, visit the Stadium Hue Previewer tool.

Abra Normal GIF Abra Shiny GIF


Making these GIFs was a labor of love, and a very long one at that. I took on the project of making these GIFs all by myself at first, before realizing that if I kept doing it solely on my own, I wouldn't finish for a very long time. Therefore, I recruited the help of some volunteers who were kind enough to dedicate some time and energy to helping with the process of creating and editing these GIFs. Thank you to the following people for their help, I could not have done this without them:

  • Meeper12346 (also known as MeepBard on the Smogon Forums) for being the first to attempt this project on their own and who inspired me to continue it. They joined our volunteer group to assist with making more GIFs, too! (Starmie, Hoothoot, Cleffa, Murkrow, Misdreavus, Wobbuffet, Dunsparce, Snubbull, Shuckle)
  • 0x4468c7a6a728 for creating a couple of batch scripts that sped up the process of making these GIFs immensely, cutting down on manual labor. Saved us all a lot of carpal tunnel.
  • Gloomyfates for helping with the GIF making process. (Unown forms, a few other miscellaneous such as Butterfree)
  • Charlie for plenty of moral support, editing Tyranitar, and helping me out with the spritesheets needed for the backend of the Stadium Hue Previewer tool.
  • Creatura for helping with the GIF making process. (Wobbuffet, a few other miscellaneous)
  • nyowlr for helping out with the GIF editing process. (Chinchou, Togetic, Teddiursa, Furret, Smeargle, Remoraid, Ampharos, Omanyte, Lapras, Miltank, Larvitar, Magby, Xatu, Blissey, Forretress, Kabutops, Slugma)
  • CannedWolfMeat (also known as Tablet) for helping out with the GIF editing process. (Scizor, Porygon2, Wooper, Lugia, Celebi)
  • DalPals for helping with the GIF editing process. (Venomoth, Delibird)
  • SirToastyToes for helping with the GIF editing process. (Cubone, Marowak)
  • adrian for helping with the GIF editing process. (Squirtle)

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